Wednesday, March 08, 2006

From a Friend and a Soldier: Letter Writing Campaign

chcknhawk from A Soldiers Perspective has asked for help from as many people as possible in expanding a letter writing campaign to show our respect and gratitude and support for the family of a fallen soldier in Iraq. Below, in it's entirety, is his message...I need add no words of my own...

SGT Rickey Jones
Army SGT Rickey Jones, 21, of Kokomo, Ind; killed Feb. 22 when an improvised explosive device detonated near his Humvee during patrol operations in Hawijah, Iraq

I am trying to help organize a letter writing campaign to the family of SGT Rickey Jones. As you may have read earlier, their home was vandalized by idiots who wouldn't understand patriotism if it flew a plane through their bedroom window.

If you own a blog, please post this effort on your respective blogs and ask your readers to post it on their blogs. If you are as disgusted as I am and would like to write a letter to have delivered to this family, please email Lauren ( for more information. The good people over at Operation Military Pride are helping facilitate the delivery of these letters.

This family recently lost a son and shouldn't have to deal with people like Fred Phelps and the people responsible for the egging of their home and irreverent phone calls. If you feel the same way I do, please email her and write this family a letter of support and love. Let them know that we appreciate their son's service and mourn their loss. Let's show them what America is really made of. This isn't about whether or not you support the war. This is about common decency for a family that has suffered the ultimate sacrifice...having to bury a child. Thank you in advance. When this is over, I want the post office to have to hire new postmen just to handle the volume. Yes, it's a challenge, as LinkedinUSAF would say.

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